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Kuvituskuva: Staffmax Henkilöstövuokraus Laajenee Ja Saa Yhteistyökumppanin

International cooperation and a new partner

During covid-19, Staffmax oy has been developing new channels and interesting new job opportunities for employees so that we can better serve our customers. We will publish an international cooperation with our partner in the coming weeks. The purpose of the cooperation is to expand the market and serve customers and employees as widely and expertly as possible.

The new partner has the same business ideas we have. Our employees and customers are important for us, and we want to help people get jobs, and the customers get the employees they need. In addition, we provide employers with a variety of recruitment, candidate selection and staffing services to meet the individual staffing requirements of each employer. We offer the right solutions, including skilled searching and recruitment, as well as several creative approaches to flexible staffing and staff management.

Follow the events so you will soon know what is new!

Further information:
Mika Rauhala
+358 40 595 7770

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