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Kuvassa Henkilöt Joita Nimitysmuutokset Koskevat: Emmi Lehtimäki, Krista Remander, Ritu Hurtig, Eveliina Korkalainen, Eduard Von Veh, Laura Rinnekangas, Aki Kinnunen.

New appointments!

The familiar faces from our office got new appointments in the beginning of 2023.

Emmi Lehtimäki starts as a Marketing Manager and HR Specialist. Emmi oversees the marketing, branding and image building in cooperation with an advertising agency. Krista Remander works as an Administrative Manager and HR Specialist with the administrative work transferring to her bit by bit. Ritu Hurtig, an Account Manager and HR Specialist, oversees customer acquisition covering Finland, mainly Uusimaa Region.

Following persons are appointed without a change in job descriptions:

Eveliina Korkalainen, HR Manager
Eduard Von Veh, HR Manager
Laura Rinnekangas, HR Manager
Aki Kinnunen, HR Manager

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